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abstract 1341710089 issue 134 pp. 1096 – 1105 29.12.2017 ru 1049
The results of the questionnaire survey of cadets of Maritime University, Maritime College and students who had been given training in the Institution of Advanced Training are presented. It is revealed that the level of motivation of ship personnel for first aid treatment to victims on commercial ships is two times lower than that of cadets. The conclusion about the necessity of solution the legal aspects of sailorsparamedics, working under the Russian flag was made
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abstract 1291705003 issue 129 pp. 37 – 46 31.05.2017 ru 938
It is known that there are most widespread the diseases of cardiovascular system among the examined seamen. We have carried out the analysis of distribution of concrete nosological forms of pathology of cardiovascular system and concomitant diseases (gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, ENT organs, the musculoskeletal apparatus and others). Results of preventive screening of the crew personnel performed in 2007–2010 by medical commission of Novorossiysk clinical center of Russia’s Federal Medico-Biological Agency were subject to scientific research. 3352 seamen aged from 18 to 60 years (middle age 27,2+1,3 years), among which 2627 surveyed – personnel of bluewater shipping, 725 surveyed – personnel of domestic shipping have been subjected to studying. The examined contingent is ranged taking into account professional groups. It is revealed that cardiovascular pathology is almost equally widespread in all professional groups of personnel of ships of domestic and blue-water shipping. This pathology occurs at 13,5–21% of the seamen corresponding who had medical examination. The main group of the examined seamen (79–96,7%) belongs to the category «almost healthy» and suitable for work in the sea. Among revealed pathology at seamen, the high specific weight (63– 70%) belongs to diseases of cardiovascular system. Probable intensive work and harmful factors of the ship environment in each of professional groups exert significant negative impact on psychic and somatic health of seamen. Neurocirculator dystonia (hypertensive and cardio types) dominates in structure of cardiovascular pathology registered at seamen of both professional groups. The associated diseases (71–82%) meet more often at persons with hypertension, manifesting forms of atherosclerosis and ischemic disease. In both groups, we have noted the high percent of violations of digestive tract, musculoskeletal apparatus, alimentary and constitutional obesity and eyesight. However, alimentary and constitutional obesity and diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus are most characteristic of the personnel of ships performing long maritime traffic. Obviously, this phenomenon is connected with hypodynamia
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abstract 1261702063 issue 126 pp. 892 – 901 28.02.2017 ru 952
The article presents an analysis of features of the organization of special medical and prophylactic support on commercial ships. First-aid treatment at poisoning of crews of the most widespread toxic matter (poisonous gases, oil products, methane, coolants, and fumigants) has been considered. It is noted that medical aspects of toxic dangers on the water transport have to include prevention of the pathological states of health of seamen, timely medical support of the ship, early diagnostics of pathological states, sorting of injured persons and the organization of first emergency medical aid
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abstract 1091505076 issue 109 pp. 1078 – 1089 29.05.2015 ru 1001
The ongoing reformation of the Russian Federation Military Forces is aimed at creating an army and a fleet appropriate for XXI century and able to protect the country from threats. As well as resupplying military bases with modern weapons and vehicles, an important component is to change parameters of professional military training and competence of military specialists. Specialized requirements are applied to the supplying of military bases, ships and squads with contract military personnel. Modern military forces need highly qualified professionals possessing developed skills in organization, command, psychology, pedagogics. Leadership is a socio-psychological ability inherent to humans. In Russian science the term “leader” is defined as a gifted, charismatic personality who is able to unify people to reach some common goal. Any group needs guidance to reach its goal that is why groups choose the leader from among themselves. No group, especially military, can exist without leadership. At the same time leadership is always a question of influence which the leaders exert on their subordinates, and it depends on correlation of leader’s personal qualities with qualities of those under his command and on the situation in which the group finds itself. Not every contract soldier possesses developed leader skills, which necessitates the organization of psychological and pedagogical preparation in conditions of military service. In this article the program of formation of contract military personnel‘s readiness for taking leadership in military actions is analyzed
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abstract 1071503084 issue 107 pp. 1285 – 1294 31.03.2015 ru 1313
Reform of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and, in particular, large-scale organizational and personnel changes, the transition to acquisition of the army and navy mostly contract servicemen, demanded new approaches to training and education of this category of servicemen. One of the innovative approaches of pedagogy, in this way, has been the development of techniques to build leadership skills and training of soldiers under contract to perform the functions of the military leader of the team that can win credibility with their subordinates, bring people together and send to the effective performance of duties. The article deals with the problem and the urgency of the formation of leadership qualities and the ability of the warrior-contractor for the effective performance of the functions under the leadership of the leader of the primary military collectives. Based on the analysis of domestic and foreign scientific literature on the study of the problems of leadership and formation of leadership in military, the article defines the essence of the concepts of "leadership" and "leader", and gives specific definitions of the concepts as applied to military-professional work of contract servicemen. The article concretized the value of leadership in the practical professional military activity warriors contract and the main features of its manifestations in the military collective