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Khlebnikov Viktor Yuryeviсh

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Branch of Military-Training and Research Center of the Air Force “Air Force Academy” named after professor N.E. Zhukovskii and U.A. Gagarin

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abstract 1071503106 issue 107 pp. 1624 – 1637 31.03.2015 ru 673
In the article we consider main objectives of system approach, as a research method of difficult objects, administrative activity supervision and analyses, components of which are processes of check and comparison of the actual results to the set parameters. The theory of decision-making focused on development and search of optimum results on various problems with a significant amount of communications and dependences, restrictions and versions of decisions has been developed. Optimization of economic activity supervision in a military unit and, in particular, competence of officials is considered. The use of assessment results of the subordinated divisions (services) administrative activity on the basis of experts' opinion at adoption of administrative decisions. Introduction of mathematical methods in the monitoring procedure of administrative activity is analyzed. Ways to improve the organization of administrative activity supervision by means of expert assessment method on the basis of introduction of the settlement network Expert program are offered. This software product provides fast data input and an efficiency assessment of administrative activity in a division (service) of a military unit. To judge the quantitative characteristics of administrative activity and evident representation of a change tendency of the observed values on the monitor screen of the automated workplace of the official, the information in the form of a tabular and graphic representation (charts) is displayed