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Morozov Vitality Yurievich

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Stavropol State Agrarian University

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abstract 1081504037 issue 108 pp. 500 – 511 30.04.2015 ru 1585
The article represents the characteristics of different methods of air microbiological analysis on the basis of the results of patent searches, the aim of which is to identify and develop the most effective methods for microbiological evaluation of air quality in livestock buildings. This problem has particular relevance in the implementation of anti-epizootic measures. Among the studied methods of air microbiological analysis was used the new method which allows accurate counting degree of bacterial contamination, due to the additional coverage of molten and cooled to 45 ° C in culture medium, the density of which is not less than the density of the main medium. The new method for the microbiological analysis of air was developed and offered for practical application, including the sedimentation of aerosol particles and seeding microorganisms containing in the air at the surface of dense main medium, the temperature control of the samples and the count the microorganisms colonies number