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Nosova Yuliya Sergeevna

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Kuban State Technological University

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abstract 1081504054 issue 108 pp. 725 – 739 30.04.2015 ru 1467
The purpose of the research is development of the new methods of diagnostic the research activities productivity. It is known, that for the evaluation the productivity of a scientist we usually use a well-known index of Hirsch, the introduction of which in 2005 was a significant step forward compared with application of this index as the ratio of the number of references to works of scientist and publications themselves. At the same time even h-index as an indicator is not flawless, the main flaw is weak differential ability: a number of links to the most cited publications of the scientific worker does not matter after reaching a certain threshold. It is necessary to develop a method of estimating the productivity of scientific worker, which preserves dignities of h-index and removes its shortcomings. This will allow evaluating the productivity of research activities more objectively. Methodological bases of the research: a systematic approach (considering the science as a social institution in close connection with the society as a whole), a metasystem approach (considering the results of the scientific activities as a metasystem, i.e. the system with relatively independent components), probabilistic and statistical approach (considering the research activities as the random process), a synergistic approach (considering science like a self-organized system) qualimetric approach (considering the productivity of scientific activity as latent variables that reflect a variety of criteria)