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Potapova Olga Nickolaevna

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Saratov State Technical University

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abstract 1091505011 issue 109 pp. 171 – 182 29.05.2015 ru 1237
The socioeconomic and foreign policy transformations happening in Russia have predetermined the emergence of many social problems demanding the immediate solve. Thus social and demographic problems are the most important. Introduction of the state social programs in many respects helped to solve a problem of low birth rate. Negotiation of the demographic situation which was followed by sharp decrease of birth rate demanded considerable efforts from the state, but, despite the reached results, the situation can repeat again. And it is notable now when children of "reorganization" reached reproductive age. Thus mortality of the population continues to grow, and its rates exceed birth rates now. Annual losses of the population reached 1,5-2 million per year. In this regard the central problem of modern social and economic policy of the state is introduction of the uniform program of a people saving directed on improvement of population quality of life, achievement of material, spiritual and physical welfare for the purpose of saving of that Russian population. Along with natural losses of the population there are so-called social, preventable demographic losses which could be avoided, by predicting the situation with the help of monitoring of population quality of life that could conduce conservation of life and the social status to millions of people