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Korsunova Maria Ignatyevna

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1121508126 issue 112 pp. 1740 – 1749 30.10.2015 ru 1026
The article presents results of studying total content of titanium in both not fertilized and systematically fertilized black leached soil. Science-based system of fertilizer crop rotation allows solving problems of sufficient balance of nutrients in the system of "soilplant-fertilizer", increasing the quantity and improving the quality of the crop. At the same time, their application is active influence on the natural environment. In the soil, there is an input of a large set of chemical elements come along with fertilizers. In addition, due to their physiological pH or alkalinity, fertilizers are capable to affect the physical and chemical properties of the soil. The use of mineral fertilizers in scientifically based doses on the fields of crop rotation for 33 years virtually has no impact on the content of titanium in leached Chernozem. In the arable layer its number increased only by 2.1 %, and in subsurface - it is the same as in the crop without fertilizer. Enrichment of topsoil with titanium is due to desilication of rocks during weathering. Due to the low solubility of titanium minerals, they remain in the place longer, and therefore, the content of the element in the soil increases. As you know, fertilizers applied to the fields of crop rotation, increase the intensity of the biological cycle of substances and thereby enhance the process of destruction of the parent rocks