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Babkina Olga Nikolaevna

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Stavropol State Agrarian University

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abstract 1141510106 issue 114 pp. 1476 – 1491 30.12.2015 ru 1019
The main statements of the methodology of forecasting of social-economic phenomena and processes in agriculture and the basic requirements to ensure realistic results of forecasting the development of the agrarian economy are considered in this work. The relevance of this topic conditioned on the need of developing a systematic and evidence-based development strategy for the agricultural sector of the country as a whole and on the regional level. In this regard, the study presents an analysis of the main indicators of the Program of development of agriculture of Russia and the Stavropol region, as well as their comparative characteristics, which allowed us to make conclusions about the region's share in the national indicators of agricultural development. The authors have conducted forecasting of the major indicators of Agriculture of Russia and the Stavropol region. The forecast covers such characteristics of agriculture, as the amount of output (production component), investments in fixed capital of agro industrial complex (investment component) and balanced financial result (resultant component). The composed scenarios of development of agricultural production in Russia and the Stavropol region reflect possible trends: inertial development of the industry, based on maintaining the current dynamics of development; pessimistic scenario anticipating slow pace of development of investment activity in the agricultural sector; optimistic scenario, based on the assumption that the creation of fundamental conditions for public and private investment in agro industrial complex. The results are of interest to scientists studying the processes of development of agriculture, and for representatives of the agricultural business and government
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abstract 1141510013 issue 114 pp. 171 – 181 30.12.2015 ru 1143
In this study, we have performed an analysis of the effective use of agricultural lands in Russia, using the methods of scientific management, as a modern form of agricultural business management. The analysis of effective models of world agricultural business, management and support, as well as the domestic and the European model of agriculture was given as well. The article contains suggestions and developing of the most rational and effective management methods for agricultural business, on the basis of international and domestic experience in this area