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abstract 1341710021 issue 134 pp. 252 – 262 29.12.2017 ru 1252
Currently, there are two opposing tendencies in the world economy: globalization and regionalization, which are refracted in one of the tendencies of modern development, as participation of regions of different levels in international cooperation. In the conditions of slowing the registered rates of economic growth, decisions on investment activation are topical. It is important for Russian megaregions to develop their own investment incentive trajectory. The national economy of any country cannot develop effectively without involving it in foreign economic relations. Foreign economic activity is becoming an increasingly important factor in the development of the national economy and economic stabilization. The development of foreign economic activity plays a special role in modern conditions, when the process of integration of the economy into the world economy is taking place. Small and medium business is one of the most important sectors of the economy of the Rostov region, the dynamic development of which has a positive impact on reducing social tensions in the society (including by creating new jobs), increasing the investment attractiveness of the region, and also contributing to the positive economic growth rates of Don. At the same time, in the current economic conditions, small and medium-sized businesses need to strengthen state support to overcome certain emerging negative trends, unlike a large business with an adequate margin of safety. Priority spheres of investment activity in the south of Russia are: the Russian foreign trade specialization (foreign trade transit), improving the dynamics of the sectoral structure of the economy with import substitution (livestock), improving the quality of business environment management and investment, marketing investment potential in southern Russia (foreign and domestic investors)
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abstract 1141510072 issue 114 pp. 942 – 951 30.12.2015 ru 948
The development of the agricultural sector involves the increasing entrepreneurial activity of small agribusiness in the conditions of the market. This requires the formation of the organizationaleconomic mechanism. It acts as a system of relations arising between the state and the entities. One of the basic conditions in the solution of this problem is state support of small agribusiness at various levels. In addition, it is necessary to create a better organizational-economic mechanism of development of this type of business in the agricultural sector, which is aimed at creating and strengthening the competitive environment of agricultural producers. This article discusses the main directions of formation of the elements of the organizational-economic mechanism of development of small agribusiness in the proletarian district of Rostov region. In the area gets the development of competitive selection of farmers for the development of the agribusiness in animal husbandry. It helps to increase the livestock of farm animals in peasant (farm) area. The creation of a wholesaledistribution center on the basis of the agricultural consumer co-operative will contribute to the development of marketing infrastructure, primary processing, storage and transportation of agricultural products produced by small businesses in the area. The organizers of the marketing and logistics chain, which are wholesale distribution centres not only provides the most efficient distribution of the produced agricultural products, but also allows in General to increase the activity of the small agribusiness