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Yakovleva Elena Nikolaevna

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Kursk State University

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abstract 1171603085 issue 117 pp. 1303 – 1316 31.03.2016 ru 1190
The article explores the main types of musical education. We created a table of classification based on the experience of world and Russian culture, personal educational experience. The classification table shows the main features of music education and provides brief comments for each species. We show the multiplicity and multidimensionality of the types of educational activities. Educational activities were classified into nine types of classification: form, volume, organizational complexity, subject, audience, socioeconomic status, genres, performing music composition, connection with media space. It is noted that the main forms are musical-educational lecture and educational concert. Other forms derive from these main types. The article made an important conclusion: music education should be considered a form of communication between musicians and listeners, which along with the aesthetic component plays an important role cognitive component aimed at the formation of the musical (or artistic) culture of the public