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Ktsoeva Zarina Alexandrovna

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Gorskiy State Agrarian University

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abstract 1181604044 issue 118 pp. 773 – 782 29.04.2016 ru 735
In our country, great influence is given to the production and consumption of agricultural animals' meat with high consumer qualities. In this regard, the livestock producers, particularly pigs, are to increase production and improve product quality. Works on using some natural mineral complexes - bentonite and zeolites as a source of macro - and trace elements are performed. The aim of the research is to study the effects of bentonite feeding with free access on the meat productivity and hygienic meat quality of young pigs for fattening. Best effect on the slaughter indexes of fattening gilts had bentonite feeding with free access that resulted in significant superiority of the animals in the experimental group over the control counterparts on pre-slaughter live weight, slaughter weight, chilled carcass weight, slaughter yield, carcass length, the "muscle" eye area and the backgammon weight. More favorable effect in the longest muscle on the dry matter and protein synthesis was provided by bentonite feeding with free access. Due to this, the gilts of the experimental group were in significant advance of their control counterparts in concentration of dry matter and protein in meat. Along with this, the longest muscle of young pigs on fattening in the experimental group had the highest protein value, as according to the protein-qualitative indicator the animals of this group were in significant advance of the control counterparts. Feeding bentonite clay with free access had a strong detoxifying effect that is against control counterparts of gilts in the experimental group showed the significant reduce of lead, zinc and cadmium concentrations in the meat
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abstract 1181604045 issue 118 pp. 783 – 793 29.04.2016 ru 730
For further increasing pork production and to increase its quality it is necessary to provide complete and balanced feeding of young pigs for fattening. The special place takes the issue of satisfying their physiological needs in macro and micronutrients. The most cost-effective step in these circumstances is using bentonite clays as natural mineral supplements. The aim of this work was to study the effect of the addition of bentonite of Zamankulskaya field on the energy growth, digestibility and the digestibility of nutrients of the diet of young pigs. According to the results of the survey, the best productive effect was when ensuring free access to the bentonite, so that the young pigs of the 3rd experimental group vs control group had significant superiority according to gross and average daily live weight gain and feed products. According to the results of scientific and economic experience, it was found that with free access to the bentonite best economic and useful indicators were observed in the animals of the 3rd experimental group against the control analogs, as they had significant superiority in terms of absolute live weight gain and feed consumption per unit of production. During the physiological exchange of experience the most beneficial effect on the hydrolysis of complex organic compounds had bentonite feeding with free access of pigs. The result was a significant superiority of the experimental animals over the control ones in coefficients of digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, crude protein, crude fat and NFE. To improve the digestibility and absorption of nutrients in the diet of young pigs it is advisable to feed them with bentonite clay as natural mineral supplements with free access