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abstract 1221608019 issue 122 pp. 264 – 277 31.10.2016 ru 731
Prostate cancer (PC) is one of the most frequently malignant neoplasms in the worldwide male population. Back in the 90's began a promising noninvasive method of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) as an alternative to radical prostatectomy for the treatment of localized prostate cancer was used. Information about the destructive histological effect by HIFU has been known since the 1930, however, the clinical implementation of this technology due to the absence at the time visualization capabilities for monitoring during the procedure has been postponed. In this paper, an overview of published data on the HIFU clinical application in prostate cancer as a major, "saving" and focal therapy. Examples of a favorable combination of this method are also provided with pharmacological agents. Based on the analysis of clinical data, we can say that HIFU is a good alternative minimally invasive therapeutic modality for patients with prostate cancer who are not candidates for radical prostatectomy. Applying of HIFU is possible as a treatment option with local recurrence after external radiotherapy, with careful selection of patients is important, depending on prognostic factors