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Dukov Sergei Sergeevich

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abstract 1231609054 issue 123 pp. 803 – 814 30.11.2016 ru 471
From a review of the literary sources it is revealed that the existing vibration exciters are classified into mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic. One of the most promising areas of development and use of sources of vibrations for tillage tools are electrical exciters of mechanical vibrations namely solenoid with a metal core inside. Based on the analysis of existing technical means for soil cultivation we are proposed a new technical mean of vibration exposure for tilting the soil without or before ploughing. Theoretical regularities of change of draft resistance depending on the vibration amplitude and the mass of the vibration exciter were received in the studies. A structurally - technological scheme of the combined tillage combine with electric vibration exciter and a device for automatic regulation of the technological process of the work of tillage machine was developed. The proposed vibration tool will supposedly reduce the soil resistance force acting on the working bodies, which will reduce energy costs up to 20% for the technology process of soil cultivation; harmful emissions from the combustion of diesel fuel into the atmosphere were reduced. The proposed technical mean can be used for soil cultivation in different soil fertility under different soil density
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abstract 1241610090 issue 124 pp. 1375 – 1386 30.12.2016 ru 294
On the basis of the analysis of existing technical means for tillage in this article we propose a new technical means of vibration action including rectangular welded rack with hinge systems, adjusting the depth of tillage. Fixing of the working bodies and working bodies are made in the form of racks with chisels and arrow-shaped claws differ in that there is a shaped hole is made in the upper side of rack where a mounted solenoid is. It is mounted on a rack by means of casing and screws, and the solenoid is made in the form of a coil with a head and spring and communicated with the electrical system of the tractor via the relay-breaker and a regulator are located on the rack. This vibrating tool presumably will lessen the resistance of the soil affecting on the working bodies, will eliminate the sticking effect of elements of working bodies and thereby the quality of the soil tillage will be improved, it will allow to reduce energy consumptions of working process up to 30%, it reduces the emission of harmful substances from combustion of diesel fuel into the atmosphere. The invention relates to agricultural engineering and can be used for tillage on various agricultural backgrounds and with different densities