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Belogorec Anna Nikolaevna

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1231609064 issue 123 pp. 917 – 929 30.11.2016 ru 312
The article analyzes the possibility of complex processing of one of the most important secondary raw materials of Krasnodar region – sugar beet pulp with the aim of obtaining a food product and enriched feed additives. Meanwhile, the use of environmentally safety technologies that cause minimal harm to the environment and human health is provided. One of the most valuable components of sugar beet pulp after extraction of sugar is pectin substance. Sugar beet pectin substances have high complexing ability and are used not only in food industry, but also in medicine. They are natural detoxifiers and antioxidants. Currently, only dry powder pectin is produced from sugar beet pulp and only by foreign producers. Making food pectin extracts from sugar beet pulp will not only reduce the number of processing steps, but also significantly reduce the cost of the final product. Food pectin extracts can be used not only as a standalone product in treatment and prophylactic nutrition, but also as an ingredient in the manufacture of soft drinks, confectionery and bakery, meat and dairy products, etc. The technology of producing a valuable component of feed bioproduct based on spent sugar beet pulp and a microscopic fungus of the genus Trichoderma is described