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Dubovikova Marina Sergeevna

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Krasnodar Scientific Research Institute of Veterinary

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abstract 1231609070 issue 123 pp. 1011 – 1025 30.11.2016 ru 559
In the article data on spread of chronic endometritises at cows are provided. The microflora range, being in genitals of patients with a chronic endometritis of cows is determined. We have developed a new drug called Florinazol and we also determined his antimicrobic and fungicide activity. Researches on determination of acute and chronic toxicity, and also irritant action on a mucous membrane of a uterus and a vagina are conducted. Researches on studying of influence of Florinazol on blood biochemistry at rabbits are conducted. The optimum therapeutic dose and frequency rate of its introduction is determined. By results of researches it is established that 24,8% of the cows containing on a farm with loose housing content and 10,6% of cows on a farm with fastened content have a chronic endometritis. At the same time in uterus content in 84,3% of cases isolated associations of bacteria and mushrooms in 65,2%, in 34,8% - monocultures of microorganisms. Offered by us means the danger class belongs to substances lowdangerous by the 4th. Doesn't possess irritant action, doesn't exert a negative impact on blood biochemistry, and also has outstanding therapeutic performance of 90% in case of its application in a dose of 100 ml intra-vaginal at an interval of 48 hours