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abstract 1241610057 issue 124 pp. 862 – 874 30.12.2016 ru 420
That article is of interest to practicing veterinarians. Currently, the biggest obstacle in the development of dairy farming is infertility at cows, which is caused by the presence of diseases of the reproductive organs, most of which is occupied by acute and chronic endometritis. The frequency of occurrence of chronic endometritis at cows reaches high levels, from 10 to 66.3%, averaging 14%. One of the direct causes of chronic endometritis is association of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms and fungi. Many chemotherapeutic agents which are designed for prophylaxis and treatment of acute postpartum endometritis do not give a high therapeutic effect in the treatment of chronic endometritis or amount and frequency of application drugs is very high. Analyzing the data, the authors developed a new drug which has fungicidal and antibacterial actions - Florinazol. The experiments showed that the use the Florinazol preparation in combination with myotropic, pathogenetic and vitamin preparations gives 90% of therapeutic efficiency, while the frequency of administration of the drug was on average 3 fold, and the duration of treatment was 5 days