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Demidova Tatiana Alexandrovna

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Tomsk Polytechnic University

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abstract 1261702026 issue 126 pp. 343 – 355 28.02.2017 ru 581
The relevance of the article is caused by the necessity to form the linguacultural competence of foreign students studying Russian language that corresponds to the Contemporary didactics of foreign language teaching. The case (precedent) texts are considered as one of the main means of linguacultural orientation used in practices of teaching Russian as a foreign language. The necessity to study the case (precedent) texts in this way is defined by its active use in language and by the presence of cultural component determining the valuable priorities of Russian vision of the world. Therefore, the assimilation of case (precedent) texts as actively used language elements of Russian culture is the most important principle of developing the communicative competence. The aim of this work is the attempt to describe the case (precedent) texts, acting as key material in the practice of teaching Russian as a foreign language. The article reveals the specificity of case (precedent) texts in the context of national culture, it also identifies and analyses their formal and semantic features, the peculiarities of perception of the case (precedent) texts by foreign students. The researching results of the peculiarities of the case texts that are used in the process of studying and teaching Russian as a foreign language, allow drawing the conclusion that the efficiency of assimilation of the considered units is caused by knowledge of their structure and semantics, by understanding the values, determined by them
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abstract 1321708048 issue 132 pp. 592 – 604 31.10.2017 ru 543
The article analyzes the particular characteristics of the logical and psychological sides of argumentation as a means of a persuasive effect in the speech of a public linguistic identity. The relevance of the research is defined by the importance of problems of studying the language of the given linguistic identities. The novelty is in the aspect of setting the problem of studying various types of public linguistic identities and in involving previously unresearched material. The object of study is a rhetorical speech portrait of a public language identity (prosecutor). The subject is particularities of logical and psychological lines of reasoning as ways of persuasive effect. The method used is scientific description with elements of speech portraying, observation. As a whole, the speech of the prosecutor corresponds to the rhetorical canons, having a standard logical composition: introduction, analysis and evaluation of the evidence gathered in the case, personality characteristics, conclusion. Various types of logical and rhetorical (psychological) lines of reasoning were distinguished in the course of the analysis. It is found that the text is rich in affective evaluation and metaphors. The general strategy is the prevalence of the psychological side of persuasive speech over the logical. The public language identity chosen strategy turned out to be successful, i.e. it made the speech expressive, original, assisting the formation of the judge's opinion in terms of conviction