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Trokhimchuk Nikolai Nikolaevich

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abstract 1261702054 issue 126 pp. 761 – 775 28.02.2017 ru 304
The influence of reduced iron nanoparticles and its oxide Fe2O3 on the growth rate of Chlorella vulgaris IFR # S-111 added to the Tamiya nutrient medium is studied. In the range of concentration of additives 0-0,1 g/l (gram per litre) an oxide inhibited the growth of microalga already when its content in the environment 6,25*10-3 g/l. With the increase of reduced iron concentration in the first twenty-four hours in the whole range the growth of the cell concentration of microalga was observed. With a maximum iron concentration of 0,1 g/l the density of a chlorella exceeded the control for 70%, and in 48 hours for 150%. The microscopy hasn't shown morphological changes of a chlorella cells with addition of the nanoparticles to nutrient medium. Accelerated reproduction of the microalga cells became the result of the intensification of the photosynthetic processes, as indicated by the nature of the parameters of delayed fluorescence (DF) of chlorophyll and shapes of the induction curves. The maximum level of DF in all experimental samples after 24 hours of cultivation was significantly higher than the control, and photosynthetic activity increased with increasing concentration of nanoparticles. In 48 hours the maximum activity was observed at concentration of nano iron 0,0125 mg/l, then decreased. It shows that with an intensive growth of a chlorella the potential of nutrient medium was quicker exhausted that led to decrease in intensity of photosynthetic processes