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abstract 1291705095 issue 129 pp. 1321 – 1332 31.05.2017 ru 336
In modern economic conditions, the competitive advantages of enterprises are human resources. Business leaders need to create interest among their staff in achieving their tasks to the employees was in the desired direction for the organization. The article reveals interconnection between the process of stimulation of the personnel in the enterprise and competitiveness of employees. Competitive personnel are regarded as the main source of the profit of the organization, as the resource companies in which to invest on an ongoing basis. The author considers objective and subjective factors, affecting the competitiveness of the staff and stages of creation of effective models of staff incentives. In particular, special attention is paid to assessing staff learning motives of employees and demotivational risks, as well as to distinction of such concepts as "motivation" and "stimulation". The work describes the elements and means of stimulation, as well as three types of incentives: motivation, reward, and coercion. We have determined their impact on the competitiveness of employees of different groups. It is found out that the main instrument for implementing the strategic goals of the company are competitive employees, and that the presence and support of such personnel should be aimed at the management of the company in modern conditions of managing
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abstract 1281704074 issue 128 pp. 1070 – 1085 28.04.2017 ru 839
In the article the questions of necessity and urgency of increase of competitiveness of modern Russian organizations are considered. A retrospective analysis of the transformation of approaches to the definition and content of such a concept as "the competitiveness of an organization" was conducted. As one of the tools to improve competitiveness, it is proposed to use the technologies of personnel management actively, which are in demand today in all spheres of economic activity. The need for these instruments is especially acute in the banking sector, which differs from other sectors by increased nonprice competition. The experience of using these technologies is illustrated by the example of PJSC "Sberbank of Russia", which for the past five years has been pursuing a systematic policy of creating a corporate culture, using a variety of tools for motivating employees, their continuous learning and capacity building. The Bank operates with such levers of influence on its employees as corporate training, the formation of a mentoring institute, the selection and adaptation of new employees, an open system of internal corporate communications, and an assessment of the personal effectiveness of staff. Corporate training provides online courses, allowing you to track the increment of the intellectual capital of the bank. Corporate culture of the bank becomes one of the main sources of competitive advantage. Maintaining a competitive salary level and providing a good social package, implementing a corporate value system are Sberbank's practical activities aimed at uniting the work collective, forming team spirit and striving to develop together with the company. Thus, the authors have proved the importance of increasing the competitiveness of employees as one of the key factors affecting the performance of the organization as a whole