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Mirnenko Elena Aleksandrovna

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Kuban State Technological University

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abstract 1291705096 issue 129 pp. 1333 – 1343 31.05.2017 ru 531
The article is devoted to the study of social practices of the handmade and their impact on creative and professional fulfillment of personality. It deals with the concept of handmade, its value as a way of leisure and business in Western countries and in Russia. Presents the results carried out by the authors of the sociological research devoted to the study of the relations of the inhabitants of Krasnodar to manual production. Based on the analysis of empirical data the following indicators handmade were pointed: uniqueness, exclusivity, originality, quality. Handicrafts opposed to a mass product. This makes hand-made in demand. Respondents perceive the hand primarily as a leisure activity, which nevertheless allows obtaining additional income and contributes to self-development. Key qualities and competencies that can be generated in the course of employment in manual labor were identified. Among them the most important the respondents considered the disclosure of creative abilities, creativity, attentiveness, diligence. It is concluded that under the conditions of modern Russia, with the existing level of development of information technologies created sufficient social base for the development of handmade industry