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abstract 1301706030 issue 130 pp. 395 – 404 30.06.2017 ru 366
To date, a necessary condition for progress in the field of information technology is wide adoption of standards and technologies of information systems used for hardware and software products. Building software of computing and information systems, based on the ideology of open systems, allows to solve successfully the problem of software portability on platforms of various manufacturers, the problem of interchangeability of components and, most importantly, ensures the integration of devices and users in a variety of computing and telecommunication networks. It should be emphasized the fact that to date the successful implementation of any significant projects in the field of information and computer technology, management of information and telecommunications is not possible without coordination of development with existing standards in the field of information systems and, in some cases, the development of new standards. In the transition to a unified computing telecommunications systems principles of information systems form the basis of technology integration, the establishment of sectoral, regional and national information infrastructures and their interactions on a global scale. Therefore, we can conclude that the technology of information systems today is the working environment in which there is a development priority