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Shekhovtsova Anna Senenovna

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abstract 1301706033 issue 130 pp. 447 – 458 30.06.2017 ru 893
The article is devoted to one of the most disputable categories of jurisprudence – to abuse by the right. The law does not allow the exercise of civil rights with the intent to harm another person, as well as abuse of rights in any form, including in the form of circumvention of the law. The author regards as the already known issues with the application of the principle of the inadmissibility of abuse of the right, so new in connection with the amendments to the Civil code of the Russian Federation. The amendments to the article on the abuse of rights were caused by the current practice. However, there remains a question about how well these novels are being implemented. This article examines the question of the application of the principle of prohibition of abuse of rights in proprietary relations. Statistics show that the judges started to apply Art. 10 ten times more often in proprietary relations. Still, this situation is inextricably intertwined with the risk of judicial discretion. The article also investigated the correlation of the subjective rights of a bona fide owner and a bona fide purchaser of real estate. Based on the conducted research the author proposes the notion of abuse of right in property relations. It is concluded that a proper understanding of the categories of "bona fide owner" and "bona fide purchaser" is the main factors in the resolution of a number of practical issues