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Khozyainova Polina Mikhailovna

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abstract 1321708067 issue 132 pp. 850 – 862 31.10.2017 ru 967
The present study explores personality traits of modern women raising children in two-parent and single-parent families, and specific aspects of their interaction with the children. The comparative analysis of family values, gender-related particularities and the level of subjective control of the mothers’ personality have been given. The differences in personal characteristics of mothers in the two groups of women under study have been determined. Mothers raising children in single-parent families are characterized by such family values as social activity, attractive appearance and the upbringing of children, whereas mothers in twoparent families turned out to rank the values of children upbringing and psychotherapeutic character of communication as most important. As compared to women in two-parent families, women in singleparent families demonstrate more often masculine and less feminine qualities. The specific aspects of interaction with children have been defined in relation to mothers in the groups under study. The interrelationship between the personal qualities of mothers and the nature of their interaction with children has been analyzed. Positive and negative aspects of the impact of personal qualities of the mothers on the stylistic peculiarities of their interaction with children