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Bortsova Miroslava Vladimirovna

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abstract 1331709013 issue 133 pp. 134 – 150 30.11.2017 ru 1191
The article considers the important aspect of the problem "Parent – child – e-gadget" for the study of the personality traits of children differing in the use of e-gadgets. These personality traits pertain to social and personal properties, to acquired gaming abilities, to elements of identity. The authors have highlighted the content of the terms used in the study of peculiarities of development of personal-social qualities of children. Methods developed by the authors for their empirical research are: the questionnaire "The Use of E-devices by Children", the expert survey "Socio-personal Characteristics of a Child", the monitoring "The Child's Ability to Play Egadgets," the expert survey "Elements of Identity of a Child". The study involved 78 children from six to seven years, pupils of preparatory groups of preschool educational institutions of the village Poltava (the Krasnodar region). Three groups of parents were identified that differ in norming of using a gadget by a baby: "Any gadget allowed" (42%), "Only one gadget allowed" (46%), "No gadgets allowed" (13%). The article presents the analysis of data of the empirical research of three groups of preschool children, depending on the level of norming of using e-gadgets by children. In conclusion, the authors identified personality traits (pertaining to social and personal properties, to acquired gaming abilities and elements of identity) of children differing in the use of e-gadgets