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Pogosyan Vladimir Makichevich

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abstract 1361802001 issue 136 pp. 1 – 14 28.02.2018 ru 422
The purpose of this study is to determine the basic geometric parameters and the kinematic mode of operation of a roll mill intended for threshing corn cobs at the selection stage. Currently, for the threshing of the corn cobs on seeds at the selection stage, disk threshers of the type MKD-M are used in most cases. These devices practically do not injure the seeds, but it can reach 7-8%. In this case, the cob should be re-threshed, which significantly reduces productivity. One of the promising ways to increase the productivity of threshing corn cobs at the selection stage, while maintaining the minimum level of seed crushing, is the use of roller threshing devices. But there are no commercially available corn roller grinders to date. There are only prototypes. One of the most important requirements for corn threshers is the complete exclusion of seed mixing during the change of the treated cobs. Taking into account that the nomenclature of processed breeding numbers can include hundreds of titles, self-cleaning of working organs is extremely necessary to reduce manual labor costs. We have developed an experimental sample of a roller thresher with two horizontally arranged working elements, which showed a high quality of cob threshing in the course of prospecting studies. In the proposed design of the thresher, the problem of self-cleaning of working organs is absent. To determine the basic parameters of the roll mill, which ensures high quality of the cob threshing, we have conducted a full-factor experiment. The following factors were used as controlled factors: diameter of working elements (rolls) and rotation speed of their rotation. The remaining parameters of the grind were justified on the basis of our previous studies of the operation of corn threshers of various types. The criterion of optimization was the crushing of grain, and the quality of the restriction was used such an indicator as a grain of grain. The material for research was the cobs of the Krasnodar hybrid 425 MV. As a result of the studies, the following optimal parameters of the corn selection thresher were established: roll diameter - 152 mm; rotational speed of rollers - 767 min-1; the minimum clearance between rollers is 6 mm: the height of the protrusion of the working surface of the threshing roll is 10 mm