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Mohammed Ammar Yousif Hassan

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abstract 1381804004 issue 138 pp. 18 – 36 30.04.2018 ru 249
The considerable share in prime cost of products of agricultural production is made, now, by power expenses. It promotes that the considerable attention is given power - both resource-saving to the equipment and technologies. Thus, the modern science is faced by a global task – creation of cars and tools of new generation, high-economic, highly productive, less power-intensive and metal-consuming. One of the most power-intensive processes of production of agricultural production is processing of the soil. In this article on the basis of numerous researches use of rotary motion of the soil-cultivating working body allowing to improve a design of tillage machines, to reduce metal consumption, power consumption, to increase quality of work is offered. In this article, we offer the device for preseeding processing of the soil on a frame of which the working bodies in the form of flat disks with sharpening working in the horizontal plane, but with the accounting of an angle of deepening of working body are in chessboard order established. Rotary motion which promotes fuller cutting of rhizomes of weed plants and to improvement of quality of preseeding processing of the soil is forcibly transferred to working bodies. Justification of the offered device, constructive and technological schemes of the tool, conclusions and offers are given in the article