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Petrenko Victor Nikolaevich

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Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School named after A.K. Serov

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abstract 1521908001 issue 152 pp. 1 – 11 31.10.2019 ru 371
Slope land (ravines, gullies, mountain areas) for many countries of the world are important areas of economic activity, and for some they are the only living space. In the mountainous areas there are cereals and feed, fruit, citrus, nut, berry and essential oil crops, grapes, tea and many others. On slope lands, soil preparation by terracing is widely used. The article considers modern technologies and machines for the construction of terraces in order to create protective and fruit plantations on them and to involve new areas in agricultural turnover. There are two main ways to create terraces: hinged and rifled. Most often, when terracing on tractor-passable slopes, various plows and graders (floor terraces) are used, and on tractor-passable slopes there are universal bulldozers and terrasers (rifled terraces). The shuttle plow PCHS-4-35 and revolving plows are especially convenient for the device of floor terraces, with the help of which it is possible to significantly increase labor productivity by reducing the time for idle runs. For rifled terraces, we use a large complex of machines, the most productive of which are: terraser-Ripper TR-2A; terraced equipment TK-4; terraser T-4M, etc. The use of the proposed complex of machines in the construction of raised and rifled terraces will help to increase productivity and involve new lands in agricultural turnover, which will ultimately increase food security of the Russian Federation