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Ashabokov Hachim Hazrailovich

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Kabardino-Balkarian State Agricultural University named after Kokov V.M.

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abstract 1521908023 issue 152 pp. 275 – 287 31.10.2019 ru 348
Pre-planting preparation of soil in the Central part of the North Caucasus according to the traditional technology of cultivation of crops involves the use of single-operation soil processing machines and aggregates. As a result, they have to make multiple passes, resulting in increased energy consumption, soil compaction, and the emergence and development of erosion processes. In addition, the agricultural machinery used is characterized by the low operability and reliability of the working elements and their joint assemblies, which leads to a decrease in productivity, so that the agricultural requirements for the process of pre-sowing soil preparation are often not met. In order to solve the above-mentioned problems, an arable milling unit for pre-sowing soil preparation is proposed. Its structural and technological scheme is justified. The distinctive features of the proposed design are the possibility of the main soil treatment with simultaneous grinding of large soil clumps, lumps, plant residues and levelling of the soil surface; possibility of changing the installation angle of the rotary grinder and depth of soil treatment depending on the type of treated soil; high quality of soil preparation for sowing; provision of energy consumption reduction due to combination of technological operations in preparation of soils for sowing; lack of expensive assemblies and parts; the need for less energy for aggregation when preparing soils for sowing. As a result of the theoretical studies carried out, rational values of the main parameters of the proposed arable milling unit have been established, which have a decisive influence on the process of its operation: speed of movement 1.5... 2.0 m/s; Angle of attack of working element 20... 300; Angular rotation speed of the working tool 20... 25 s-1