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Pakhomov Viktor Ivanovich

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FSBSI Agricultural Research center «Donskoу»

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abstract 1552001003 issue 155 pp. 25 – 42 31.01.2020 ru 255
Enhancing the operative parts of a threshing mechanism which are realizing direct mechanical impact on an ear and being in it grains it is impossible to achieve the considerable lowering and to completely exclude traumatizing grain. New methods of noncontact grain separation from an ear in case of the threshing need to be developed. These methods exclude direct mechanical impact of operative parts on grains. A perspective method of noncontact grain separation from an ear is the imposition to a culm with an ear of oscillating motion, perpendicular its axes. It is a resonance in different parts of an ear can cause. As a result of the pilot and theoretical studies it is set that when impart low frequency oscillations in the range 18…100 Hz corresponding to natural frequencies of its oscillations to a culm with an ear, it is possible to achieve corrupting of the ear or its separation from the culm as a result of a resonance. But grain separation, at the same time, does not come from an ear as the range of natural resonance frequencies of grain oscillations does not match the range of natural frequencies of a culm with an ear and has higher values. The analysis of results of theoretical researches shows that for noncontact grain separation from an ear without its traumatizing is the imposition to it high-frequency oscillations in the range 100 … 14000 Hz matching its natural frequencies of oscillations, which is proved to be perspective. The occurring resonance causes origin of own movements of grain that leads to its separation from the ear