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Friesen Vasily Genrihovich

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Volga region scientific research institute of pro-ducing and processing of meat and milk production

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abstract 1572003004 issue 157 pp. 43 – 51 31.03.2020 ru 170
Vitamin E, having an antioxidant effect, also has a versatile effect on metabolism. It is proved that vitamin E is necessary for the integrity and optimal function of the reproductive, muscle, circulatory, nervous and immune systems. The feed additive Innovit E 60 was produced in the Russian Federation by the MEGAMIX company using innovative technology, which has no analogues in the world. The article presents the test results of the Innovit E 60 feed additive as a part of premixes for the purpose of enriching compound feeds for broiler chickens with vitamin E. The authors have found that the studied feed additive activated metabolic processes in the body of broiler chickens of ROSS 308 cross. Chickens of the experimental group better digested nutrients feed in comparison with analogues of the control group. A significant increase in the digestibility of crude protein by chickens of the experimental groups was found to be 1.11 and 0.92%, crude fat - by 2.11 and 1.85%, BEV - by 2.53 and 2.24%. The deposition of nitrogen in the body of the chickens of the experimental groups is higher than in the control group by 5.73 and 5.05%, and its use from the accepted - by 2.94 and 2.56%. By the end of the feeding, the difference in live weight was 90.3 (4.25%) and 68.5 g (3.22%), and feed costs per 1 kg of live weight gain decreased by 0.06 and 0.04 kg. The control slaughter of broiler chickens showed that the slaughter yield in the experimental groups increased: males by 0.6 and 0.4%, chickens by 0.8 and 0.5%; the mass of pectoral muscles of males - by 46.0 and 41.0g, chickens - by 43.0 and 36.0g. The feed additive Innovit E 60 in the diets of broiler chickens helps to improve the digestibility of the main nutrients of the feed, increase live weight, slaughter exit and exit of the pectoral muscles