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Koloshein Dmitry Vladimirovich

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Ryazan State Agrotechnological University named after P.A. Kostychev

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abstract 1592005019 issue 159 pp. 280 – 293 29.05.2020 ru 174
The article considers the possibility of using a potato harvester with an unloading device. The principle of operation of an unloading device based on a potato harvester is presented. The unloading device of the root-harvesting machine allows to prevent damage to tubers by damping the speed and lowering the height of the falling heap due to the use of the unloading gutter equipped with a lifting-lowering mechanism made of two differently inclined flat sections, on the inner surface of which, across the gutter, elastically deformable elements are fixed in the form loop absorbers. A group of authors carried out a comparative assessment of the tests of the basic model of the AVR Kolnag potato harvester Spirit 6200 and its improved experimental version with an unloading rating device. The studies were conducted on the fields of the Danko farm of the Lukhovitsky district, Moscow region in 2018 - 2019. Harvesting was carried out alternately from several fields. According to the data obtained, it was found that the level of damage to potato tubers when using the developed experimental version of the unloading device of the potato harvester is 2.1%, which is lower in comparison with the basic model of the harvester. The obtained results of field studies of the experimental unloading device confirmed the results of previous theoretical calculations and laboratory studies, including the high efficiency of the developed device compared to the serial analogue
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abstract 1602006004 issue 160 pp. 39 – 49 30.06.2020 ru 319
Today, the main goal of the State Program is to ensure food independence of Russia within the framework of the Food Security Doctrine, which includes accelerated import substitution, namely the creation of new technologies in the field of potato storage, which in turn will reduce the supply of agricultural products from abroad. But, despite the existing success, the problem of potato losses during transportation and storage still remains in the Russian Federation, comprising from 30% to 40% of the grown crop, in many cases, by the end of storage, losses reach 60%. This article describes a container for transporting and storing potatoes in storage. The disassembled container is transported to the place of loading of the product, where it is mounted and loaded with potatoes. When loading containers for storing potatoes in order to reduce damage, various types of shock absorbers are used. One of the simplest absorbers is the rubberized fabric belts, which are deflected between the opposite edges of the container. The location of the belts, their width and the distance between them will determine the passage of potato tubers when they are loaded. Successful implementation of the presented design will help reduce mechanical damage to tubers and increase the safety of agricultural products