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Dryagalov Vyacheslav Sergeevich

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Astrakhan state university

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abstract 1231609013 issue 123 pp. 214 – 228 30.11.2016 ru 729
The article deals with influence of the institution of family on the transgressing experience in its various forms. The problem is quite relevant in view of the fact that the society gets out of structural limitations. Increasingly, social actors step over the border, which for many ordinary people are considered immutable, violate generally accepted course of events, the established norms of behavior and morality. In this regard, the authors discuss the phenomenon of transgression as an integral part of modern society, which is understood as a strategy to overcome social taboos, violation of cultural traditions, moral and religious regulators. In addition, the transgression may be regarded as a manifestation of freedom. Freedom from rules, regulations, prohibitions, including religious ones. And then it is quite possible the emergence of such a phenomenon as a religious transgression. The authors give a definition of religious transgression, which is the process overstep religious prohibitions designed to separate the man from his immersion in faith, radical overcoming taboos of religion, the transition from one religion to another. The article presents the results conducted in 2016 a search of sociological research on the basis of Astrakhan State University. Based on these studies, the authors conclude that it is the family becomes the unifying factor that helps in keeping the values in the course of religious transgression
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abstract 1021408051 issue 102 pp. 818 – 832 31.10.2014 ru 1335
The article analyzes the impact of a Person Travelling on the development of the Internet. It is noted that in addition to computer games, active widespread social networks, which are characterized by the Association of users in groups and communities different directions. Within these virtual associations are formed fashion trends that are beginning to influence culture and gradually become a part of real life. In this regard, the author examines the social - psychological mechanisms associated with fashion, as a result of the blurring of boundaries between reality and virtuality, that fashion is a means of adaptation to unstable world, actively changing under the influence of a Person Travelling