Scientific Journal of KubSAU

Polythematic online scientific journal
of Kuban State Agrarian University
ISSN 1990-4665
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Guide for authors


1. About the journal and payment conditions:
Our scientific journal is included to the List of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation and has been registered in following resources:
— AGRIS (;
— Ulrich directory (;
— DOAJ ( ;
— RISC (;

The journal is published monthly except July and August.

The publication in the Scientific journal of Kuban state agrarian University does not mean that editorial opinion coincides with the opinion of the author. The incongruity of opinions is not a reason for rejection of the article.

Publications in the Scientific journal of Kuban state agrarian University are free of charge for the University staff, postgraduate students from Russia and CIS countries and foreign authors.

For other categories of authors the publication fee is 500 RUB per page, including VAT (contracts for publications are only for individuals).

2. The originality of article and borrowing
The article submitted for publication in the Scientific journal Kuban state agrarian University must be the original work of the author(s) and may not be published in other journals in any language or be kept there under consideration. If the article has a borrowing, it must be placed in quotation marks, indicating the source from the list of references where it is taken, in square brackets. Considerable volume of borrowings in the article can be a serious reason for rejection of the article, regardless of the references to the sources.

3. Only scientific (research and methodological) articles can be sent to the journal, i.e. the articles, including the following sections:
(a) In the beginning of the article one should have a two-column table in which the language of the original is on the left and the Russian translation is on the right; the table must include the following information:
— UDC (universal decimal classification);
— the title of the article in capital letters;
— full information about the authors, i.e. name, patronymic, last name of the authors (completely); academic degree or the degree (briefly) and rank, if any; the place of work of every author, city, country. You can write the position of the author as well. It is important to specify the location of a particular author clearly and add contact information (postal address, e-mail, telephone) for each author, when available;
— the abstract of 200–250 words briefly reflecting the content of the article;
— keywords for the article.
(b) The statement of the problem or the task in general.
(c) The analysis of the achievements and publications, which offer a solution to the problems or tasks the author reveals, the allocation of scientific novelty;
(d) Research part.
(e) The justification of the obtained results.
(f) The conclusions of this study, the limitations and prospects of further development for this direction.
(g) Bibliography in the original language.

4. List of materials for publication:
(a) The article signed by the authors (the signatures of the authors in the beginning of the article near their last names).
(b) Original certificate for each author (Author’s reference).
(c) The application for the publication.
(d) The contract for the publication of articles executed and signed by the author, who will be contacted (if the publication is paid).
(e) Two reviews written by doctors of Sciences on the scientific field of the article, signed and certified with a seal.
(f) The CD with the following files:

  • file of the article (MS Word), file’s name starts from the author’s last name;
  • author’s reference (MS Word) in Russian and English, file’s name starts from the author’s last name;
  • author’s review-1 (jpg), file’s name starts from the author’s last name;
  • author’s review-2 (jpg), file’s name starts from the author’s last name;
  • author’s application (jpg), file’s name starts from the author’s last name;
  • agreement (jpg), file’s name starts from the author’s last name.
  • author’s photo of high quality: at least 500×800 px, jpg (not necessarily).

Application forms, contracts, author information and reviews can be downloaded here:

Please pay attention to the necessity of strict observance of the rules of naming files. The author’s reference must be issued for each author with a separate MS Word file, merging several references in a single file is not allowed. The article must be signed by all the co-authors, author’s reference must be signed by the author.

Acronyms and abbreviations are not allowed in the article.

5. Requirements to formatting of articles.

The article should be formatted in MS Word of any version with Times New Roman font, size 14, line spacing 1,5; A4 in portrait orientation, all margins — 2.5cm. Figures must be inserted in the text in table cells from a jpg file or executed in any version of MS Visio. The list of references must be written with size 12, through 1 interval. It is permitted to send up to 30 pages article (bigger size is available only after permission of a member of the editorial Board. In this case, the line spacing is 1 and the font size of the list of references is 11).

6. Addresses and ways to present the materials for publication
We need all the original materials for publication to be sent by post to our address:

350044, Russia, Krasnodar, ul. Kalinina, 13,
Kuban state agrarian University,
Scientific journal of Kuban state agrarian University,
The responsible Secretary of the journal
Professor Lutsenko Evgeny Veniaminovich

The way to send materials for the publication by regular mail must not assume the personal participation of the recipient (please do NOT use Express mail or courier).

To speed-up the evaluation of materials, you can send an electronic version of all the materials (all the files that you’ve already sent on a CD-ROM) to this e-mail:

7. The order of evaluation of materials of the publication and payment.
If the article is accepted for publication, we send a receipt for payment with the account details of the University to the author who has signed the agreement via e-mail. Otherwise he will receive a letter with the reasons for rejection of the article. The terms of payment are specified in the contract.