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Fomicheva Olesya Valerievna

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Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University

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abstract 1071503084 issue 107 pp. 1285 – 1294 31.03.2015 ru 1317
Reform of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and, in particular, large-scale organizational and personnel changes, the transition to acquisition of the army and navy mostly contract servicemen, demanded new approaches to training and education of this category of servicemen. One of the innovative approaches of pedagogy, in this way, has been the development of techniques to build leadership skills and training of soldiers under contract to perform the functions of the military leader of the team that can win credibility with their subordinates, bring people together and send to the effective performance of duties. The article deals with the problem and the urgency of the formation of leadership qualities and the ability of the warrior-contractor for the effective performance of the functions under the leadership of the leader of the primary military collectives. Based on the analysis of domestic and foreign scientific literature on the study of the problems of leadership and formation of leadership in military, the article defines the essence of the concepts of "leadership" and "leader", and gives specific definitions of the concepts as applied to military-professional work of contract servicemen. The article concretized the value of leadership in the practical professional military activity warriors contract and the main features of its manifestations in the military collective