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Sokolov Maksim Nikolaevich

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Krasnodar Scientific Research Institute of Veterinary

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abstract 1191605076 issue 119 pp. 1077 – 1088 31.05.2016 ru 709
This article presents the results of the studies of the influence of a new complex hepatoprotective preparation on the basic system of the body, the mechanism of occurrence and manifestation of its biological effects, the dependence of this action from the components that are parts of the preparation, the dose, as well as the regularity of manifestation of possible side effects. The effect of the different doses of the preparation (1% and 2%) on the average daily weight gain and morphological and biochemical indices of the birds’ blood was studied. The conducted research determined a stimulatory influence of the preparation on the growth, development and safety of broiler chickens. The new hepatoprotector exhibits the properties aimed on revitalizing the erythro- and hematopoiesis and magnification of the cellular immunity against the exogenous influence. The use of the preparation helps to improve liver function and reduce the toxic load on hepatocytes, which manifests an increase in a number of metabolic parameters, such as total protein, glucose, calcium, phosphorus. We have noted an expressed hepatoprotective effect on the enzyme activity of AST and the remission of the cytolytic syndrome of the experimental chickens. Thereby it was found out that the complex hepatoprotective preparation has a pronounced pharmacological activity, providing a significant impact on the energy of the broiler chickens’ growth and their safety, morphological and biochemical indices of the blood and metabolic processes in the body of the bird