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Khakuz Pshimaf Muratovich

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Kuban State Technological University

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abstract 1311707074 issue 131 pp. 904 – 913 29.09.2017 ru 944
The article reveals the thought of hermeneuticity of philosophy by its nature and methods of exposition. Philosophy is not technical, but personal. The study of personal philosophy is impossible without studying the life journey of the philosopher, considering the constitution of his soul and mind. Philosophy always contains a hidden sense that needs to be deployed. It proves the necessity of transition in teaching philosophy to the position of hermeneutics. Insight of philosophy should be sought in education. Only in a condition of insight does man find the direction of his life, reach the fullness of his being. The skill of philosophizing is available only to those who can talk with questions. Sense is born in a "live" dialogue. Asking about the known for the purpose of discovering the unknown sides of the object is the difference between philosophical thinking. Philosophical problematic is diverse and contradictory, and therefore, the existential purpose of philosophy, in the opinion of the authors, is self-interrogation. And philosophical questions do not always require an answer. Philosophical questions do not disappear anywhere; questions are more important than answers. Questions serve as symbols of constant movement and changeability. Uniformity and sameness is not inherent in philosophy. Philosophy is personal, original and impulsive, does not allow invariant judgments. Philosophy should be studied only using a philosophical method