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Adieva Aina Akhmedovna

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Dagestan State University of a National Economy

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abstract 1321708035 issue 132 pp. 442 – 451 31.10.2017 ru 267
The nutrient structure of fruits of the Mountain ash of ordinary Sorbus aucuparia L., sloe of Prunus spinosa and their extracts is investigated. Inside them, the standard methods in biochemistry have determined the content of extractive substances, sugars, titrable acids, vitamins C and P, phenolic and pectinaceous substances. Results of analyses demonstrate that the fruits of wild plants ripening in the conditions of Dagestan – mountain ashes and sloe - can be effectively used as raw materials for receiving extracts which are rich in vitamins, carbohydrates and phenolic connections. The possibility of production of highquality nutrient-rich extracts from these fruits with application of various technological modes and ways of extraction is revealed: duration of insisting of raw materials; various concentration of ethanol in an extractant and ratios raw materials/ extractant. Results of researches demonstrate that at a ratio of raw materials/extractant 1:3 and the 70% content of ethanol in the extractant have come the greatest extraction from vitamin fruits P (routine) and phenols which made respectively 56,0-65,7% and 51,4-68,3%. Increase in extraction of titrable acids and vitamin C is noted at 50% concentration of ethanol in the extractant. The maximum release of sugars has come from all fruit substrata at 30% ethanol in the extractant. Results of biochemical analyses of extracts have shown that carrying out extraction in the way of double insisting on condition of selection of optimum: concentration of ethanol in the extractant, ratios of the raw materials/ extractant and the best time of insisting, allow to provide on average a 55-60% exit of nutrients from the studied fruit raw materials