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Belozerowa Marina Vitaltvna

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abstract 1341710059 issue 134 pp. 743 – 752 29.12.2017 ru 1216
Ethnic minorities’ traditional economy and business forms are the research object. The algorithm specification of the traditional economy forms research in the structure of ethnological examinations and regional ethnological monitoring act as the purpose of the article. The list of research subjects in programs of field researches is offered: a) latent forms of the social relations regulation and their traditional outlook conditionality; b) The cause and effect relationships of the ethnic minorities traditional economic specialization transformation in rural enclaves; c) an order of formation of network (system) of the ethnic enterprises in the urban environment which are focused on services the offer: the migrants facilitating integration; preservation of political, social and economic and cultural ties with regions of "outcome"; creation of conditions for preservation of ethnic self-identification; d) problem "points" of cross-cultural communications identification. The research is conducted within the project "the South of Russia: ethnic businessmen of "house" and beyond his limits (experience of social and economic adaptation)" with financial support of the Russian humanitarian scientific fund (RGNF. Project 1701-00407)