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abstract 1341710106 issue 134 pp. 1340 – 1349 29.12.2017 ru 1266
In particular, the paradigm of complexity, which claims to be the dominant post-non-classical philosophy and science, also came under the trend of diversity. The paper discusses conceptual foundations of the particle physics. This theme is examined in connection with problem of logical and philosophical analysis of physical language and its usage in cognitive procedures. Features of synergetic as interdisciplinary scientific direction, the concept of a universal evolutionism, value of information in nature development are discussed. Methodological basis of the process of integration of scientific knowledge is the interdisciplinary direction of the research which important component is the synergetic. It plays an important role in the concept of coevolution realization which considers mutual relation of the person and the nature, the micro- and the mega-world. The article demonstrates that having revealed the laws of functioning of complexly evolutionizing, nonlinear systems, synergetic thus posed the fundamental questions of both epistemological and ideological and value nature
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abstract 1341710108 issue 134 pp. 1368 – 1386 29.12.2017 ru 376
There were considered the problems and prospects of opponents of ruling liberal ideology – socialism and conservatism in the article. It is proven, that the main problems for socialism and conservatism water down their social basis as well as their exclusion into theoretical area. Dynamics of socialism and conservatism under the influence of neo-liberal practice is rather contradictory and differently directed. From one hand, it makes many left and right politicians take principles of neo-liberalism going to compromise. From other hand, sides strengthen the radicalization of more serious supporters of these ideologies. Nevertheless, the opponents of liberalism are not devoid of prospects. Losing its total character inherent it in the "age of ideology", these ideologies can remain relevant for a partial (molecular) level. Intensifying social inequality present social fields for development of socialistic ideas, but value deformation activate the conservative postulates