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abstract 1511907004 issue 151 pp. 33 – 45 30.09.2019 ru 187
In this work we have given the analysis of the literary data confirming positive experience of impact of the hydrocarbon substance of growth (HSG) on viability of seeds, resilience, growth of plants, and productivity of various crops. It is shown that the basic experimental data belong to the 60th of the XX century. At the same time, works on application of HSG have been generalized for the first time in the collection of works of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijani SSR by Institute of soil science and agrochemistry. HSG represents the by-product of petro processing received at sulphuric acid cleaning of diesel fuel with further processing with alkaline solution of NaOH. It includes mainly mixture of sodium salts of naphthenic acids. On the basis of literary data and own probes it is established that for each culture there is optimum very small concentration of HSG (0.005-0.01%), processing by solution of which makes positive impact on viability, growth and development of crops. The results of probes of blood formation of animals [8] and growth of mass of birds allow considering HSG ecologically safe. We have also presented the results of pilot study of impact of pre-seeding processing of seeds of wheat and peas by water solutions of the hydrocarbon growth substance (HSG) on their morpho-physiological parameters. The most effective concentration of HSG for processing of seeds of spring wheat of grade "Saratov" and grade peas "Alpha" is revealed. It is shown that the stimulator in concentration of 0.005-0.01% proves as stimulator of crop growth. It follows that degree of efficiency of action of HSG on improvement of development and increase in productivity of agricultural products from use of this drug is quite high. Considering that the stimulator can be received at insignificant expenses as a waste product of the purified diesel fuels, its application in agriculture is economically justified
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abstract 1261702058 issue 126 pp. 832 – 843 28.02.2017 ru 340
We have proposed the method of presowing processing of seeds of winter wheat using a hydrophobic paraffin-wax system of the new composition. Water protected paraffinceresin coating has been used before for storage of garlic. However, the paraffin coating were not applied to wheat seeds and were not investigated their effect on germination, growth and further development of plants of winter wheat. This work has been done for the first time. The ceresin wax is replaced by sunflower wax. New component composition of the hydrophobic waterproof coating winter wheat seeds: sunflower wax – 15-20 % wt .; paraffin – all the rest of it. Sunflower wax is a surfaceactive substance and has the properties of the plasticizer and the dispersant of the dispersed structure of the paraffin. The advantages of this coating: it protects the seeds from moisture loss, regulates the timing of their germination, contributes to the preservation of accumulated nutrients, and enhances plant growth and development; it increases the yield of wheat. In the field, we have set growth stimulating ability of paraffin-wax coating of winter wheat seeds of variety called Charade. The resulting increase in yield was 20% (control of 52.6 с / ha), while maintaining the quality of grain. This use of sunflower wax solves an important environmental problem – disposal of oilseed production waste
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abstract 1301706032 issue 130 pp. 421 – 446 30.06.2017 ru 1022
Within the Terek-Sunzha oil and gas region of the Eastern Caucasus a productive sediments are clearly expressed by the classical diapir due to the increase in power in the arched part of the strata of the Maikop clays. In accordance with the theory of I. M. Gubkin, developed based on the analysis of the structure of the oil and gas structures of mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan, diapirism of the structure is an important prerequisite for the formation of a mud volcano. The article provides a comparative analysis of diapir structures of the TerekSunzha oil and gas region of the Eastern Caucasus, which is quasi-mud unripe volcanoes, and structures of mud volcanoes in the South-Eastern end of the Caucasus range (the Apsheron Peninsula and other territories of Azerbaijan) and the North-Western end of the Caucasus range (the Kerch and Taman Peninsula). It is shown that the formation of diapir structure, when, in the context of high power clay strata, is not a sufficient condition for its transformation into a mud volcano. In such geological conditions, it is essential to determine the capacity of clay strata, but also the degree of its water-filled porosity, visco-plastic and fluid-forming properties, contributing to the transition of the breed in a phase of active current and the coming to the surface
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abstract 1181604013 issue 118 pp. 223 – 244 29.04.2016 ru 834
It is assumed that in the primordial state of the Universe was missing the elements of matter, it was submitted to electromagnetic photon field in a broad frequency band. Photons with energy ε=1,02 born MeV electrons and positrons, and photons with energy ε=1,87 born МeV protons and antiprotons. The Association of protons, electrons and essential spectrum of photons created a sustainable hydrogen atoms and neutrons. Association of hydrogen atoms led to the creation of hydrogen clusters, and merging neutron – neutron creation of clusters (pulsars). As a result, the concentration of photons in the Universe decreased and the universe were compressed. The gravitational interactions between the hydrogen and neutron clusters was coming off of a mass of matter from both. The torn mass of hydrogen clusters were created on the planet. Separation of the mass from neutron clusters led to the neutron exposure of the main hydrogen clusters and loose parts from him (future planets). The latter, being closer to the main hydrogen accumulation, under the influence of neutron flux were redesigned to all elements of the periodic table. The article describes nuclear reactions convert one chemical element to another. After irradiation of the primary hydrogen clusters of neutrons and the emergence of the heavy and superheavy hydrogen, started fusion reactions with the release of photon energy and the transition of hydrogen clusters in Stellar condition. They began to glow. The selection of the photon energy of the Stars led to the increase in the concentration of photons in the Universe, the increase of the pressure and the expansion of the Universe, which is what happens at the present stage of its development. Combining antiprotons, electrons (positrons) with the required spectrum of photons created sustainable antihydrogen and antineutrons, and their clusters – clumps of antimatter in the Universe
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abstract 1101506053 issue 110 pp. 787 – 801 30.06.2015 ru 1436
We describe a stationary industrial plant for electrochemical activation (ECA) of the water created on the creamery of "Yuzhni Polyus" in Kropotkin. It includes 4 diaphragm reactor - electrolyzer of a dielectric material volume of 200 liters each, control cabinet, power electrical equipment, water supply system, containers for activated water, pumping equipment for its transport and ventilation system. The anode and cathode chambers are separated by ion permeable diaphragm reactors of cotton filter cloth. The reactors operate pairwise in succession, one pair in the production mode, the other - in the mode of preparation. The anode is made of titanium sheet; the cathode is made of stainless steel 12HN9T. In the selection of the electrode material we used mass-spectrometric investigation of the chemical element composition of water before and after electrochemical activation. The device produces alkaline catholyte 15.84 m3 / day (pH 10,4 ÷ 11,71) and acid anolyte 3.36 m3 / day (pH 2,24 ÷ 3,1). Using the created device (power consumption –11,4 kW ∙ h / t) meets the basic requirements of production – resource conservation, environmental safety, high performance and ease of use. These circuit diagram and photos of the installation allows reproducing it in other enterprises, contributing to the wider application of electrochemically activated water
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abstract 1001406061 issue 100 pp. 931 – 948 30.06.2014 ru 1677
We discuss the question of the essence of formation and propagation of waves in the electromagnetic environment. We have questioned the reliability of its description by J. Maxwell in the form of alternating electric and magnetic fields. The article justifies the formation of an electromagnetic wave in the form of a wave compression-decompression surrounding electromagnetic photon field flux of photons of different frequencies emitted by different sources or antenna
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Model of a photon

abstract 1111507037 issue 111 pp. 657 – 679 30.09.2015 ru 1095
The article examines the historical aspect of the appearance of the concept of the photon, which was introduced through the works of Planck, Einstein, Compton, Lewis. It is noted that the photon has both corpuscular characteristics (momentum, mass, energy) and wave (frequency, wavelength), which are interconnected. Thus, the photon has dual properties – of a particle and a wave. The article deals with the analysis described in the literature of the photon model proposed by S.M. Polyakov and O.S. Polyakova, F.M. Konarevym-Krauzerom, V.G.Kozlovym and S.I. Chervyakov, as well as with their advantages and disadvantages. A version of the model in the form of a photon of two identical but oppositely charged halfmass, which simultaneously perform translational, rotational and vibrational motion was suggested. We have shown derivation of the amplitude of vibration of the two half-mass photon connected with simple relation with wavelength, described with this photon. On this basis, it is concluded that the state of a photon is characterized by a rotational movement of its oppositely charged half-stuff, which radius (r) is the amplitude of the oscillation process of each of the half-mass, and described by oppositely charged half-mass circumference length S in expanded form in a result of the progressive movement is the length wave l. This work displays the wave equation describing the motion of photons in the form of a standing wave which is a complete analog-independent Schrödinger equation for the motion of an electron in a hydrogen atom
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abstract 1271703006 issue 127 pp. 138 – 149 31.03.2017 ru 639
There is a discussion about the question of the mechanism of the action of the magnetic field of the Earth and the Sun on the human body. It is noted that in the 21st century an international conference on the subject "Man and electromagnetic fields" is regularly held, as well as the international congress "Weak and superweak fields and radiation in biology and medicine". This indicates the importance of studying the effect of electromagnetic fields on the human body. Participants in these conferences and congresses give a lot of experimental data on the influence of various factors on various biological objects. However, there is no theoretical justification for the influence of these fields on the human body. In this connection, in order to solve this problem, the article analyzes the atomic composition of the human body. It is shown that the human body more than 60% consists of hydrogen atoms. On the example of a hydrogen atom, the interaction of the magnetic moment of an electron of an atom with an external magnetic field is considered. This leads to a precession motion of the electron's orbit. Taking into account the fact that photons rotate around electrons in atoms and the temperature is determined by the bulk density of photon energy, the appearance of precessional electron motion will lead to an increase in the frequency of oscillation of photons and, consequently, to an increase in their energy and body temperature. This is confirmed by the fact that the body temperature changes during the day, and, it is minimal in the morning and increases by the evening. The chemical elements of the human body, related to different groups of magnets, are analyzed. It is noted that the external magnetic field has the greatest influence on the state of the human body through a ferromagnet - iron. It is concentrated in the blood, up to 60% in hemoglobin. It is a complex iron-containing blood protein, an integral part of erythrocyte - red blood cells, oxygen carriers. Under conditions of an increase in the intensity of the external magnetic field or the immobile state of the body, the orientation of the individual erythrocytes will increase due to their iron atoms in the direction of the external field. This will lead to the pooling of erythrocytes into clusters, that is, to the formation of unique magnetic domains with a significant increase in the viscosity of the blood and a decrease in its circulatory ability. The last is confirmed by the fact that in people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and strokes most often occur in the early morning especially during periods of solar magnetic storms
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abstract 1311707026 issue 131 pp. 260 – 270 29.09.2017 ru 519
In some works, the feasibility of the use of fixed and variable electromagnetic fields of different frequencies and tension in the production technology of sunflower oil are shown, but there is no theoretical justification. The possibility of electromagnetic effects is associated with the presence of polar molecules specific to organic systems. Without prejudice to the role of polar groups of terrestrial circuits, this work tries to address this challenge more comprehensively. The reason for this is the distinctive feature of the behavior of sunflower during its flowering. This characteristic is that the sunflower hat during the day changes its direction in accordance with the direction of movement of the Sun across the sky; so called "magnetism" of their attraction. To justify this effect, we have analyzed the essence of emitted photons, the Sun chemical composition and structure arrangement of seeds in a sunflower hat. Particles of light from the Sun represent a stream of photons - a wide range of electromagnetic waves of frequencies that exhibit and magnetic properties. The article shows principal macro- and micronutrients of sunflower raw materials and divides them into groups of para- , dia- , and ferromagnetic materials. In sunflower seeds, there are chemical elements: diamagnetism-C, H, N, P, S, B, Cu, Zn, J; paramagnetism-O, K, Ca, Mg, Mo, As and ferromagnetic-iron (Fe). As there is resultant force of the magnetic attraction between the sunflower hat and magnetic flow of photons from the Sun, this effect dominates the action of paramagnetics K2O ( -28.4 24.5%), CaO (7.6-17.0)%, MgO (12.3-17.9%), magnetized in an external magnetic field in the direction of the field. The presence of evident effect demonstrates that it is possible to improve a number of technological operations in the manufacture of sunflower oil using electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields
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abstract 1101506042 issue 110 pp. 633 – 652 30.06.2015 ru 1580
Within the Terek-Sunzha gas area we have identified patterns, most of which are divided into blocks in some cases with large amplitude shear. The processes of destruction of structures took place during the period of their formation and the subsequent time and due to the strong and catastrophic earthquakes. The article provides a statistical analysis of strong earthquakes in this region during the period 1688-2008 and the regularities of their existence. It is shown that the maximum number of earthquakes took place during the period of the depths of 5-12 km and the distribution of the number of strong earthquakes at levels subject to certain matematical patterns. With regard to the analysis of the distribution of earthquakes in a single year in the whole of the globe, we obtained the correlation of the displacement of rocks from levels of existence of earthquakes and possible displacement of rocks to very catastrophic earthquakes. We have also given the forecast frequency and the number of strong catastrophic earthquakes for the period from the beginning of the formation of structures up to the present time. We assessed maximum displacements of rock blocks during this time, which is in good agreement with the actual values of the displacement of rock blocks