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Bochkovoy Denis Anatolyevich

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abstract 0991405098 issue 99 pp. 1394 – 1430 30.05.2014 ru 1441
The article is devoted to the research of dialectic logic of the historical process, identifying the main stages. The main trends of socio-historical development have their ontological basis in the underlying definitions of dialectical logic of Hegel's. The purpose of the historical process is achieved through the establishment of specific, dialectical identities of forms of thinking with specific identities-a historical dimension of being. Each of the three available stages contains a perfect definition of past moments. The logical definition of the validity of its dialectical development there is a need for an identical grace in the history of the human spirit
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abstract 1151601035 issue 115 pp. 534 – 582 27.01.2016 ru 582
The article solves a problem of correlation of different forms of cognition such as philosophy and religion in the ontological process, which is refers as a dialectical unity of the becoming of being and thinking. The definition of the logical form of the individual stages of cognition appears possible only in case that they are the special forms of determination of the universal form of being, which for them is a universal content. The special definition of the universal form of being through certain forms of cognition is a logical necessity ontological process. Its subdividing into three stages is mediated by exact historical incarnation of three logical forms, which in the sphere of cognition correspond: art/myth; religion/science; philosophy. On the basis of the identity of the content of philosophy and religion, which is the universal form of being, it is argued that their identity is at the last stage of the becoming of culture is the result of realization of this form in the idea of concrete identity. Its concrete manifestation in all aspects of being and thinking completes itself an ontological process, turning it into the system, which is infinitely determined by the logical form. The idea of concrete identity, which is the ideal purpose and actual result of a becoming of being, leaving nothing in it abstract and indeterminate, fully expresses itself in ideal by the form, the universal notion. Since in the notion of the subject and object, thinking and being, the spirit and the nature they completely coincide, then the universal notion is a concrete manifestation of the universal subject – the absolute person, eternally united in all their attributes. The concept of the idea of concrete identity, arising not only in philosophy, but also in religion – in an image of the absolute person, by means of their associations at the highest stage of development, reaches the limit point of its definition