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Zakharov Sergey Leonidovich

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1071503005 issue 107 pp. 94 – 111 31.03.2015 ru 1011
The article is devoted to the problems of creating an effective organizational-economic mechanism of management in agricultural production and the substantiation for the use of a problem-oriented approach in the management of business structures. The article is an exploratory, it has reflected the fact that it dealt with the peculiarities of agricultural production in modern conditions, and it has identified factors increase the effectiveness of entrepreneurial activity in agriculture, the necessity, in order to improve production efficiency, of the use of a problem-oriented approach in the management of business structures. The article considers specific features of agriculture, without which it is impossible to ensure the desired performance of a functioning business structures. It is proved that the solution of the problems of modern development of agricultural production, enhance the competitiveness of domestic enterprises in connection with the entry into WTO is closely linked to the identification of such features and the determination of their effect (stimulating or inhibiting) the final results of functioning of economic entities in the agricultural sector. In the article, much attention is paid to the issue of performance management entrepreneurship business entities engaged directly in agricultural production, which represents a system of organizational and technological management, providing specified volumes of production and raw materials for the processing industry, meeting the requirements of quality and sustainability and affordable prices for a wide range of consumers, as well as the definition of the specific objectives of the performance management of agricultural producers. In the article the urgency of the problem-oriented approach with identified problems identify the factors increasing the efficiency of agricultural production and to develop an optimal management decisions for specific agrifood systems