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abstract 1081504056 issue 108 pp. 761 – 778 30.04.2015 ru 1115
During the research, we have developed a low-temperature zonal heating panels with an infrared emitter to create a local microclimate for piglets in the suckling period. This heater is lightweight and durable frame in the form of an inverted box size 400 mm x 1800 mm, attached to the wall of the building swivel. Top frame mounted thermostat is connected to a temperature sensor mounted directly on a metal plate with a thickness of 1 mm, painted in black color. In the upper part of the inner carcass layer is a light insulating material, which is located directly under the low-temperature heat source is electric. Study of the optimal size of the heating panel revealed that in view of the limitations associated with the area of the machine and biological characteristics of the optimum size of the sow for 11 piglets are: width – 400 mm; length – 1500 mm (at ventral position) and 1800 mm (lateral position). Comparison of different heating sources for piglets revealed that the use of infrared lamps enables newborn piglets seating area by 55.6%, while in 28 days – by 88.9%. Infrared lamps can not completely meet the recommended specifications as to ensure a more intense heat lamp to be lowered towards the floor surface, which leads to a reduction in the useful area heated. Using as a source of local heating mats and low-temperature panels satisfies pigs in the area of the den in the early suckling period at 138.9 and 200.0%, to weaning, respectively – by 48.5 and 65.5%. Thus, we have developed a low-temperature heating panels contributed to a more uniform distribution of heat in a recreation area of suckling piglets and to provide a comfortable environment at temperatures of 2-3 C lower in comparison with other methods of heating
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abstract 1221608079 issue 122 pp. 1163 – 1199 31.10.2016 ru 779
The article contains research results on the influence of duration of the first lactation period of sows on reproductive qualities. The authors have detected basic problems which reduce indices reproduction of purebred pigs of the breed of Yorkshire and hybrids of F1 (Yorkshire x Landras) under conditions of a new complex. It was found that because of the increase in duration of lactation period of the sows it is impossible to increase the safety of the piglets with a reduced live mass (from big nests and slow in growth) and improve the reproductive quality of sows. This method has been used in the economy what led to a notable improvement in the indices of pig breeding