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Savilova Svetlana Leonidovna

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National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

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abstract 1241610053 issue 124 pp. 809 – 819 30.12.2016 ru 490
The article was written in the mainstream of modern Lingua-cognitive research and is dedicated to the analysis of precedent texts created by a group of languag- personality of a high school student, as well as intertextual meaningswhich have been updated by signs, misleading by precedent texts and demonstrating category of artistic values of language groupe personality of the student. The main methods of precedent texts studies, were continuous sampling of the material, linguistic experiment and semantic-cognitive analysis. The study was made on a material of texts of a educational online communication. The analysis results were 1) identification of the main structural components and content of student precedent texts of online subdiscourse; 2) the classification of the group of precedent texts student linguistic identity, including modern phraseological units; 3) The consideration of the phraseological transformation of units in the online discourse; 4) the definition of the role of new borrowing in the current phraseologisms student community. The goal of the phraseological transformation is a student a data encoding of lexical units in order to enrich the student sub language, giving it brightness and imagery. This conclusion fits into the general tendence of modern contact process and cognitive linguistics
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abstract 1121508016 issue 112 pp. 229 – 243 30.10.2015 ru 1158
The modern xeno-olexis function (analyzing foreign words in the modern Russian language in the XX and XXI centuries) in the speech behaviour of a language personality group of a high school student. The study was conducted on the online communication material texts. The group formed the main feature of the high school's student language identity. The basic structural and substantial components of student Internet subdiscourse: temporality, locative, event, problem, authorship. The model of the conceptual field of student Internet sub discourse was nominated the latest (new) xeno-lexis. It highlights the core concept of the field, near, far and extreme periphery. The Initial Internet research corps of sub discourse group linguistic personality of high school students on the lexical level allows the simulation of sub discourse to identify main thematic areas and to structure them on the basis of the conceptual field