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Ponomareva Darya Nikolaevna

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abstract 1131509092 issue 113 pp. 1294 – 1314 30.11.2015 ru 815
The formation of a system of indicators for assessing the performance of the business processes of the enterprise is one of the most actual and modern directions of increase of efficiency of activity of the enterprise. The system of indicators should be developed in accordance with the specifics of company's activity, its strategic goals and available resources. Consideration of the process of developing a system of indicators of business processes on a specific example of an industrial enterprise allows not only to evaluate the operation of departments in terms of running processes, but also to develop a list of measures to improve the efficiency of functions execution of business processes. The work presents theoretical information, the development of a system of indicators of business processes within the selected areas using this method of process optimization. The initial stage of the work on the development and evaluation of a system of indicators of business processes was made by enterprise characteristics, description of its organizational structure and core activities. The article considers the indicators of process, product and satisfaction of customers in terms of cost, time and technical performance. For example, the business process that best reflects the specifics of the enterprise, the process of developing a system of indicators and presented conclusions, and developed recommendations and actions for the application of the system of indicators of business processes