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Ponomareva Lilia Olegovna

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1141510074 issue 114 pp. 978 – 987 30.12.2015 ru 977
The article represents the results of the experiment on biohumate «Vermistar» (which was obtained by vermiculturing) and its effects on mycological soil composition. Humic preparations are interesting in the way of detoxication of soil. When humic compounds are active, herbicides and pesticide decompose faster and concentrations of heavy metals are lowered. Adding humic fertilizers affect the physical properties of water-Soil: increases capillary and light soil field capacity (an average of 20-30%) and heavy water permeability, improves the structure and its water stability, reduced soil density. It was noted, that low doses of humic fertilizer contributes to water-stable aggregates, and high - change the ratio of the structural units in favor of agronomically valuable fractions. This, in turn, is accompanied by changes in the humus state, and biological characteristics of the soil. Moreover, increased microbial activity was observed in the first year of application of fertilizers and as an aftereffect. The maximum total number of microorganisms established in the initial phases of plant development. The increase in the number of microorganisms is enhanced and the enzymatic activity of the soil which in turn increases the mobility of soil nutrients