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abstract 1161602041 issue 116 pp. 601 – 609 29.02.2016 ru 756
During the whole history of the Russian Imperial Army the unchanging principles of its education were moral and physical power, development of the mind and volition. On these principles the Russian Army grew. The formation of the theory and practice of education in the Russian army was directly connected with names of famous military leaders because good training troops led to a successful execution of combat missions. So, for example, the name of A. V. Suvorov and his «The Science of Victory», the work which the Field Marshal presented his original system of views on ways to combat, training and educating soldiers are well known. But at the same time, many other military leaders have contributed to this hard work for the benefit of the Russian army. In this article we focus on coverage of the military pedagogic views and activity of the military historian, writer, lieutenant general V. A. Potto. The article details the pedagogical approaches V. A. Potto’s to moral education of the future officers and the opinion of general to educational process at the military school, which focuses mainly on the training of the Cossacks