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abstract 1231609066 issue 123 pp. 943 – 955 30.11.2016 ru 435
The submitted article is devoted to adaptation of the enterprise to crisis environmental conditions. Crisis management includes a complex of the methods applied in different functional subsystems of management. Social technologies, methods of the economic analysis, forecasting, development of difficult investment projects and anti-recessionary programs, plans of restructuring and reorganization — are applied in a complex to the timely prevention and overcoming of crises. Crisis management includes set of knowledge and results of the analysis of practical experience which are directed to optimization of mechanisms of regulation of systems, identifications of the hidden resources, and development potential at a difficult stage of development. Specifics of crisis management are connected with need of adoption of difficult administrative decisions in the conditions of limited financial means, big degree of uncertainty and risk. The problem of establishing effective crisis management at the enterprises is difficult in the practical relation and demands the most serious study in the methodical plan. During system transformation in Russia this problem became almost vital, defining a real survival of a manufacturing sector our economy. In this regard, studying of features of crisis management in Russia in modern conditions is not only is actual, but also essential for survival and functioning of enterprises and organizations
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abstract 1201606031 issue 120 pp. 466 – 477 30.06.2016 ru 379
This work is devoted to the analysis of economic efficiency of municipal medical institutions in modern conditions. Health care is one of the dominant sectors of the social sphere. The quality of medical services provided to the population is a key criterion for social and economic development of society, so the theme chosen is very relevant in our day. Currently there are problems with the efficiency of healthcare institutions. Unmet need of the population in the quality of medical services, says the need for its development and improvement
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abstract 1341710065 issue 134 pp. 804 – 819 29.12.2017 ru 256
The article gives an analysis of the efficiency indicators for the production of plant growing products using the example of the reporting of CJSC "Centralnoe". We have revealed the mathematical model for the analysis of economic efficiency of production of plant growing products. In the work there were considered the following indicators characterizing economic efficiency: labor intensity; profit from the sale of fruits; profitability; cost of 1 centner of fruit; yield; costs for the maintenance of fixed assets used in production. Various models of the dependence of indicators characterizing economic efficiency on the above indicators were considered. As a basic culture, we have selected fruits, because these cultures are the main types of products for this organization. The authors singled out a reliable and qualitative mathematical model of the relationship between profit on sales and yield, labor intensity, and self-worth. Model could be used to determine the economic efficiency of organizations engaged in agricultural activities. The relevance of the study is due because these problem is one of the most important for all organizations that produce plant growing products. The agrarian sector has certain peculiarities, therefore, when determining of the economic efficiency of a separate economic entity and the industry as a whole, it is necessary to take into account these features
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abstract 1211607035 issue 121 pp. 671 – 684 30.09.2016 ru 516
The article evaluates the competitiveness of Russia in the world economy. This aspect of the study was considered in the dynamics and historical perspective of world economic relations development, the world's leading economies being an example. The origins and nature of competition, the concept of substitute goods were considered as an important problem of market economic system. The place of Russian Federation in the modern external economic environment and real prospects of achieving a high position among the leading producing countries were studied based on retrospective data. A comparative analysis was carried out according to certain criteria between the highly developed States. Theoretical review of data to assess the competitiveness of Russia in the world economy showed that the crisis of recent years could not have a positive impact on both economic development level of the Russian Federation and its opponents. It is known that each approach to consideration of a specific situation has its advantages and disadvantages but this article provides the most comprehensive and detailed material on the subject matter. Evaluation of competitive ability of Russia in the global economy has shown the need to increase the production capacity of the domestic manufacturer, and consequently, the production power of the country is increasing. This will contribute to the strengthening of the international authority of Russia
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abstract 1191605059 issue 119 pp. 809 – 823 31.05.2016 ru 419
The article is devoted to the development and improvement of the sanatorium complex in Gelendzhik. This resort complex is the crown jewel of the Krasnodar region. It is an integral part of the state policy and is included in the Russian Federation’s health system. In general, all the links in the health resort system in the sphere of health resort business in Russia should be considered, from the central establishment to municipal sanatorium. On this basis, in the given article we show the investment project on improvement of sanatorium activity, by construction of small movie theater which will support the 3D format is submitted, and also for increase of level of visitors at movie theater will broadcast football matches, hockey, etc. The done calculations have shown that this project is profitable and will pay off in 2017 as it has very high margin of safety, also the project possesses low sensitivity to change of such parameter as the cost of investments. Thus it is possible to draw a conclusion that introduction of this project will increase investment appeal of this territory
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abstract 1181604068 issue 118 pp. 1097 – 1108 29.04.2016 ru 404
The article is devoted the analysis of factors of development of world economy. These factors were considered in the dynamics and historical perspective of the development of world economic relations on the example of the world's leading economies. In the current economic crisis, many social problems that require action at the international level have exacerbated. Currently, however, a constructive dialogue between the States has been suspended. Built for many decades of diplomatic, cultural and partnership relations are in the stage of deep depression and decline. This phenomenon is accompanied by strong sanctions policy both on the part of the EU and the Russian Federation. Review of data for the analysis of world economy development factors has shown that globalization and integration processes at the present stage do not have positive dynamics. For the validity of the findings and an adequate assessment of the existing macroeconomic situation the most comprehensive and comparable information was considered. We evaluated the factors having the main impact on the dynamics of global economic processes development. Thus, the analysis of world economy development factors has shown the necessity of overcoming of contradictions between the leading countries to overcome the global challenges that no nation can solve alone. This requires a civilized dialogue of world economic and political leaders
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abstract 1211607036 issue 121 pp. 685 – 697 30.09.2016 ru 1497
The article is devoted to the study of the globalization impact on the development of states in the economic and other spheres. The subject of the research is the situation of the countries in the world economic and social hierarchy, due to the influence of globalization and its processes. The authors consider the main trends and the directions of the globalization of the world economy. In the article, the authors present the points of view of well-known figures of economics and politics. The processes of globalization have directly affected the Russian Federation. Based on their examination the main reasons, the advantages and the disadvantages of a global phenomenon are given, as well as predictions about the future development and the impact of globalization on the stability states vital activity. Some economic and statistical indicators directly related to the globalization of the world economy were given. A comparison was also made of these indicators, the Russian Federation and other mainly Western countries taken as an example. The obtained differences are explained by the uneven development of states and underdevelopment of one of them compared to the other, which leads these countries to different sides of the world economic road. The main perspectives caused by the globalization processes are reflected
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abstract 1191605062 issue 119 pp. 865 – 876 31.05.2016 ru 413
The article is devoted to the process of import substitution, which received active development in the light imposed by Western countries so-called "antiRussian sanctions". The subject of the research was the production process in agriculture. The authors conducted a study of the major trends and features of import substitution and its effect on various economic indicators and processes. The article presents statistics of changes occurring under the influence of this process on the level of the Russian Federation and the Krasnodar region. The choice of the region is due to the fact that the Krasnodar region is one of the leaders among Russian regions in terms of agricultural development. The study provides statistical data for the last few years for the most complete and accurate reflection of the dynamics of indicators of the economic basis of products realization and production of in the sphere of Agrarian and Industrial Complex of Russia and the Krasnodar region. The authors consider the prospects and possible results to which the process of import substitution can lead. A prediction was eventually made as to when and how the Russian state will be able to safely and fully move on to the process of import substitution
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abstract 1291705084 issue 129 pp. 1158 – 1171 31.05.2017 ru 516
This article aims to review priority directions of increasing the efficiency of investment activity of health care institutions. As health plays an important role in the economy of any country, it is necessary to improve its efficiency by investing in its development. Additional funding, investment in health will significantly change the quality of provision of medical organizations, to develop new programmes, able to solve various problems existing in the health care industry of the Russian Federation. The priority direction to improve the efficiency of investment activities of MBHI CCCH No. 1 is opening within the healthcare facilities pharmacies called "Land of pills". This article describes technical, economic and financial feasibility study of business plan to open this pharmacy
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abstract 1171603081 issue 117 pp. 1252 – 1265 31.03.2016 ru 513
This article deals with the main marketing strategies and methods that allow to successfully position the firm in the market for both startups and experienced entrepreneurs. Examples of companies, as a model of the potential success or failure for any company are given to make strategies clear. Special attention is paid to such notions as survivability and competitive ability in the market changing conditions. In this regard a new not widely known method is described which is considered to be very effective – competitive cooperation. No less important place in the marketing activity is devoted to innovation, as the long term development and strengthening the position of firms in the market among strong competing enterprises. Such a notion as customer confidence in the products of the company is taken into account; appropriate recommendations for attracting customers are given. Several characteristics of the product promotion in the market are present; the degree of profitability of direct and indirect channels of commodity promotion is estimated. A list of the main factors of the marketing plan is also included, their nature is disclosed and possible situations that should be considered when determining the marketing strategy are anticipated. As an integral item of the plan, the methods of pricing policy are presented and the most effective of them are pointed out. In conclusion, the large choice of strategies for the entrepreneur is stated and the possibility of using the most beneficial of them is substantiated depending on the tasks and goals of the enterprise