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Pastanogov Semen Alekseevich

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abstract 1191605006 issue 119 pp. 108 – 116 31.05.2016 ru 421
In the work, we present the results of the investigation of acute toxicity of bio humates obtained by the method vermicultivation on laboratory animals. In the diets of farm animals and Pets to fill in the missing nutrients in the past years, we had an extensive use of various feed additives. Among them, mineral (macro - and micronutrients), protein and fat supplements, vitamins, biostimulants, complex natural compounds (sapropel, peat), synthetic products (enzymes, hormones, antibiotics, adaptogens, antioxidants). The search for new ways of improvement and increase of efficiency of agricultural animals using feed additives with high demands on ecology of meat and dairy foods naturally led to increased studies on the use in livestock farming of water-soluble alkaline salts of natural humic acids - humates. Their environmental safety and the unique ability to improve metabolism and increase energy cells very positively manifested in living organisms. Numerous studies Russian and foreign scientists installed a high efficiency natural humates as biostimulators and immunomodulators in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine. Accumulated extensive experimental material, proving that the use of humates leads to faster growth of animals, reducing morbidity and mortality, increase the body's resistance to toxins in feed and resistance to adverse environmental conditions. Improving with the help of humates ecological purity of the ecosystems "water — soil — plant", as well as the health of birds, animals and fish will ultimately lead to strengthen health and to prolong human life as a consumer of agricultural products. Currently, the livestock market is intensively increasing the humates produced in Russia and abroad from brown coal, peat, sapropel. A special place among them has been occupied by the newest formulations because of a unique combination of safety, efficiency, and value, which, thanks to its amazing properties to increase energy cells, stimulate vital processes and to enhance the beneficial effects of other substances called energine. They are harmless to animals and humans; do not have allergologie, anaphylactogenic, teratogenic, embryotoxic and carcinogenic properties when used in recommended doses. This allows you to create on their basis organic natural feed additives and veterinary medicines for agricultural animals, birds, fish, fur animals and Pets, and preventive and therapeutic drugs for humans