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abstract 1191605059 issue 119 pp. 809 – 823 31.05.2016 ru 419
The article is devoted to the development and improvement of the sanatorium complex in Gelendzhik. This resort complex is the crown jewel of the Krasnodar region. It is an integral part of the state policy and is included in the Russian Federation’s health system. In general, all the links in the health resort system in the sphere of health resort business in Russia should be considered, from the central establishment to municipal sanatorium. On this basis, in the given article we show the investment project on improvement of sanatorium activity, by construction of small movie theater which will support the 3D format is submitted, and also for increase of level of visitors at movie theater will broadcast football matches, hockey, etc. The done calculations have shown that this project is profitable and will pay off in 2017 as it has very high margin of safety, also the project possesses low sensitivity to change of such parameter as the cost of investments. Thus it is possible to draw a conclusion that introduction of this project will increase investment appeal of this territory