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Tuzhba Emir Nodarievich

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Kuban State Technological University

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abstract 1241610058 issue 124 pp. 875 – 886 30.12.2016 ru 960
The purpose of the article is to analyze the factors affecting the process of interaction, the nature of relationships and everyday life of the Russian and Belarusian communities. Use the ideas of the system, interactionist, phenomenological and sociopsychological approaches. The empirical base totaled questionnaire data of the Russian population of the Krasnodar Region; secondary analysis of sociological data of Russian and Belarusian research teams. Knowledge of the factors and content of the mutual influence of ethno-cultural practices of Russian and Belarusian ethnic communities will help to predict the interactions and facilitate their consolidation and integration
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abstract 1261702017 issue 126 pp. 234 – 243 28.02.2017 ru 786
The purpose of the article is to analyze the dynamics of the socio-economic sphere of Abkhazia during the Soviet period. It is shown that the structural changes in the economy of the territory associated with the integration of the all-Russian economic system, which determined the development of industry, agriculture and culture of Abkhazia. Political and economic integration of the subjects of the USSR of different levels connected to all the regions of the country in the economic organism, contributed to the fact that from a backward edge of Abkhazia turned into an advanced industrial-agrarian republic